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Give the Gift of Wine with a
Specially Curated Collection.

We've scoured the globe to create gifts that will delight and impress connoisseurs and novices alike.

Three reds from the world’s foremost Pinot Noir appellations
$80.00 for 3 bottles
Three boutique bottles for sharing the love on Valentine's Day
$45.00 for 3 bottles
Fall in love with each one of these three exceptional European reds
$45.00 for 3 bottles
An elegant bottle of Pinot Noir with a complimentary Valentine's Day bag
$27.00 1 bottle + gift bag
A crisp bottle of Cava and a complimentary Valentine's Day bag
$22.00 1 bottle + gift bag
Three world-class reds from historic Italian estates
$49.99 for 3 bottles
Embark on a year-long adventure in wine. Shipping included!
$365.00 for 4 shipments
Six of our favorite bottles ready to uncork and pair with any gathering
$100.00 for 6 bottles
Complement your holidays with six wines perfect for seasonal celebrations
$150.00 for 6 bottles
Fabulous pairings with all your grilled fare
$150.00 for 6 bottles
A 3-bottle collection of limited-production artisan whites.
$39.99 for 3 bottles
A collection of classic cuvées from six of the world’s most exciting wine regions
$90.00 for 6 bottles
Tiny vineyards and passionate vintners tie together this collection of six wines
$150.00 for 6 bottles
Save over 50% on 12 wines perfect for a special occassion
$315.00$150.00 12 bottles
Dress up your wine gift with this elegant 3-bottle gift box
Any Amount for an e-gift card
for 1 decanter
Protect your bottles when traveling with our WineSkin®
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