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Niepoort Late Bottled Vintage Port

2007 Niepoort Late Bottled Vintage Port

Northern Portugal’s Douro Valley is best known for its fortified port wines whose lush fruit and sweetness make it the quintessential after-dinner drink.
Wine Variety
Red Blend
Wine Vintage
Wine Region / Country
Region / Country
Douro, Portugal
Wine Style
$24.00 / each
Member Price: $21.60
Dirk Niepoort calls this 2007 Vintage Port the most harmonious and refined Port he has ever made. It is tannic but not aggressive and evokes terrific complexity. On the nose dark fruits are wonderfully contrasted with slightly green nuances. It’s a medium-sweet wine with dark colors and purple hues that show youthful fruit characters, a tight structure and great finesse.
It is important to decant this wine and serve at cellar temperature—the decanter should be cool to the touch. Serve at the end of a meal with cheese, especially blue cheese. According to British tradition, it is imperative to pass the port to the left, pouring a glass for your neighbor on your right before you do so. Most people in the port trade believe the practice came about to allow the majority right-handed people to keep their sword-hand free!
Northern Portugal’s Douro Valley is best known for its fortified port wines whose lush fruit and sweetness make it the quintessential after-dinner drink. Founded in 1842 and currently run by the fifth generation, Niepoort enjoys a distinguished reputation for creating balanced ports with great concentration that are able to age for decades. Vintage Port wines are often called the “king of Ports” because they are only made in exceptional harvest years. This wine saw no new wood so the minimal oak influence allows the fruit to take center stage. Vintage port must be bottled within two to three years of the harvest date. The 2007 Vintage blends seven separate local grape varieties from vines as old as 100 years.
Pairing Suggestion
Cheese Plate Stilton Cheese with Walnuts and Dark Chocolates
Appetizer Fig-and-Prosciutto Flatbreads
Dessert Hazelnut Chocolate Tart
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